October 2011 Event: BRAZ-TESOL – 25 Years Making a Difference in ELT

Dear friends,

To celebrate BRAZ-TESOL’s 25th Anniversary, we have organised a special event for the ELT community:

BRAZ-TESOL: 25 Years Making a Difference in ELT (8 October 2011 at UFRN)


Netlearning: Beyond the Wow! Factor

Times have changed and electronic media dominate students’ lives as part of an increasingly connected world. In this context, teachers who don’t help students develop a whole new repertoire of skills and practices seem to be doing them a disservice. This talk aims at reflecting on the impact of new media on foreign language teaching and learning, more specifically, video games, wiki technology, podcasts and mashups. Some of the issues discussed in light of digital technology are:  collaborative learning; collective intelligence; active engagement, and the new roles that both teachers and learners perform. The talk provides opportunities for participants to examine ways of thinking about new media associated with their use and implications for foreign language teaching and learning.


Janaína Weissheimer is Professor at the Foreign Languages and Literatures Department at UFRN and permanent member of its Post-Graduation Programme on Language Studies. Her main areas of interest are cognitive aspects of SLA (Second Language Acquisition), bilingualism, and technology-mediated foreign language learning and teaching. She taught at Cultura Inglesa in Porto Alegre and Salvador for over 17 years and is a Cambridge Oral Examiner.


Dogme ELT: A Pedagogy of Bare Essentials

In his 2000 article ‘A dogma for EFL’, author Scott Thornbury argued that real communication in the language classroom was being buried under an avalanche of materials (course books, photocopies, CDs, DVDs, etc). He suggested it was time for a change. It was time to focus back on the people in the classroom through ‘a pedagogy of bare essentials,’ later named Dogme Language Teaching. In this session participants should gain a bird’s eye view of the three pillars of Dogme. Through a conversational style participants will have the opportunity to discuss and reflect on the key principles of this ‘approach’ and what it has to offer.


Fernando Guarany is an ELT enthusiast and a frequent conference speaker. He works at Cultura Inglesa Natal as a teacher and Cambridge ESOL examiner. He has delivered both online and face-to-face teacher training for the British Council for a number of years. His main interests include practical applications for academic theories, continuing professional development (CPD) and online distance education. Fernando is co-founder and current president of the BRAZ-TESOL RN chapter. He’s on twitter: @fguarany



14:00 | Opening: Welcome and BRAZ-TESOL’s Mission by Ana Graça Canan (UFRN);

14:15 | A warmer by Wadson Correia (Cultura Inglesa/UFRN);

14:30 | Netlearning: Beyond the Wow! Factor by Janaina Weissheimer (UFRN);

15:20 | Coffee Break

15:40 | Professional Development: A teacher’s account by Andrea Zielke (Yázigi);

16:00 | Dogme ELT: A Pedagogy of Bare Essentials by Fernando Guarany (Cultura Inglesa);

16:50 | Closing.

Date | Saturday, 8 October 2011

Time| 14:00 – 17:30

Venue| UFRN |Bloco 2 |Sala i16

Registrations| to register, please send your name, phone number and institution to braztesolrn@gmail.com by 5 October, 2011. This is a free event and we have only 60 seats available, so we will have to operate on a first-come first-serve basis (as soon as we reach 60 participants, registrations will close). We will kindly ask you to re-confirm attendance 24 hours prior to the event.

For further information, please contact Ercília Dâmaris or Patrícia Guedes via braztesolrn@gmail.com

All the very best,

Beatriz Guilherme

First Vice-President




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