Creative Ideas for Effective Language Teaching

Dear Friends,

The end of 2011 is drawing near, but we still have time for one more ELT event in Natal:

Creative Ideas for Effective Language Teaching

DATE | 26 November 2011

VENUE | ESCOLA LÁPIS DE COR |Rua Amintas Barros, 2823 – Lagoa Nova  Natal – RN, 59063-250 84 3231.2305 | | Google Maps:


14:00 – 14:15 | Opening

14:15 – 15:00 | Concurent Sessions 1 & 2

15:00 – 15:30 | Coffee Break

15:30 – 16:15 | Concurrent Sessions 3 & 4

16:15 – 16:45 | Raffle and Announcements

16:45 – 17:00 | Closing


1. Classroom Management: Ideas to Promote Interaction in EFL Classes | Dyêgo Saraiva | Presentation

In this presentation, participants will be invited to reflect upon their practice concerning classroom management both in small and large groups. We will discuss effective ways of calling students’ attention, grouping for different tasks/activities, promoting more interaction, as well as other features of classroom management. In the end, participants will analyze a sample of a lesson plan having in mind what they were exposed in the session.

Dyêgo Saraiva holds a degree in Letras from UFRN (2007) and is a CELTA certified teacher. He is currently following a programme in ‘Especializaçao em Ensino de Lingua Inglesa’ at UFRN which should be completed in December 2011.

2. One to One 101 – What to Consider When Taking the First Steps into Private Classes | Rafael Freire | Presentation

Private one to one classes have always been part of any teacher’s life, whether going to students’ houses or having students over. Teaching one to one might sound easy and just like a hobby, but it really isn’t. It requires a lot of effort, research and hard work from the teacher. During this presentation, aimed at those who already teach or are taking the first steps into teaching private classes, I am going to quickly analyze and talk about the different aspects of teaching private students and one to one classes, covering a wide range of topics such as needs analysis, materials development, dress code and teacher behaviour, how to evaluate students using the Common European Framework (CEF), the role of the teacher, the advantages and disadvantages of one to one classes and I will also show an example of an “approach” I used with one of my students and myself when preparing for the TOEFL exam effectively.

Rafael Medeiros has been an EFL teacher for about 5 years. He is currently teaching regular classes at Yázigi Natal and private one to one classes at J&R – Serviços em Inglês: professores particulares, tradutores e intérpretes.

3. Teaching Young Learners: Some Simple and Effective Ideas | Daisy Kelly, Janaina Oliveira, Lucimara Patrício and Elaine Câmara | Workshop

Some people believe teaching kids is too chaotic to be theoretically explained, and that keeping their attention is really a herculean task. We however, would like to share some simple techniques which will show that we can not only go beyond playing in the classroom, but also keep kids’ attention in spite of their varied interests. Although teaching kids is no stranger to storytelling, songs, games and craft making, we would like to present a simple yet effective way of using them to prepare for a productive class, of which content will be better assimilated by the children.

Daisy Kelly, Janaina Oliveira, Lucimara Patrício are EFL teachers at ESCOLA LÁPIS DE COR BILÍNGUE and Elaine Câmara is an EFL teacher at ESCOLA MAPPLE BEAR.

 4. Portfolios: The Development of the Four Skills in Multimodal Activities | Patrícia Guedes | Presentation

The presentation introduces the concept of a portfolio, followed by background information on how the project started. I will then describe how the project was to affect the main areas it involved, namely homework and assessment. Next, I will show some samples of students’ work and their feedback on the project. Finally I will present numbers concerning students’ participation and the changes to be made for the following semester. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the presentation.

Patrícia Guedes has 10 years of experience in English teaching, holds an ICELT and is particularly interested in the use of multimodal activities in ELT.


To register, please send your name, phone number and institution to by 25 November, 2011 (Friday). This is a free event and we have a limited number of seats, so we are forced to operate on a first-come first-serve basis (as soon as we reach the maximum number of participants, registrations will close).

For further information, please contact Ercília Dâmaris via

All the very best,

Fernando Guarany Jr
“Together we’re stronger”
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