Looking back, looking forward

Founded in early 2010, the BRAZ-TESOL Natal Chapter is commited to generating professional development opportunities for the ELT community in Rio Grande do Norte (and beyond). We would now like to share with you some of the activities we organised in 2011 and others we are planning for 2012. If you would like to collaborate with us in the organisation of events or have any suggestions, please do contact us through. You can also find us on Facebook  and Twitter.

“The more we are, the stronger we become.” | Some members of the BRAZ-TESOL Natal Chapter at a recent event: (From left to right) Ercília Dâmaris, Dyêgo Saraiva, Fernando Guarany, Wadson Correa, Patrícia Guedes, Andrea Zielke, Fiona Porpino, Janaína Weissheimer and Beatriz Guilherme.

1. 2011 started with Classroom Language Course for 15 teachers in partnership with the British Council. In this 30-hour (two-week) course held at ProEnglish school in Natal, participants had the opportunity to reflect on and discuss their English language teaching theory and practice through a number of workshops guided by course tutor Fernando Guarany. The topics ranged from Presenting New Language to Giving Instructions, Pronunciation to General Classroom Management.

2. In July there were two events: a) Tips on How to Develop a Teaching Career with trainer Julian Kenny (reported here ) and, three weeks later, b) Teacher trainer and author Paul Seligson who discussed perceived strengths and weaknesses of teachers on several CELTA courses he’s tutored in Brazil.

3. In October we gathered at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) for the BRAZ-TESOL – 25 Years Making a Difference in ELT event. The event had Andrea Zielke sharing her experience taking the CELTA course, Janaina Weissheimer with the talk Netlearning: Beyond the Wow! Factor and Fernando Guarany who discussed the principles behind Dogme,a pedagogy of bare essentials.

4. Our November event, Creative Ideas for Effective Language Teaching, invited teachers to submit proposals for presentation. There were three workshops and talks presented by individual speakers: Dyego Saraiva, Rafael Freire, Patricia Guedes and one workshop presented by Daisy Kelly, Janaina Oliveira, Lucimara Patrício and Elaine Câmara.

5. Before the year was over, BRAZ-TESOL Natal chapter president, Fernando Guarany opened the UFRN: I Jornada de Ensino de Inglês como Língua Estrangeira (JEAILE) with the talk ‘On Being a Teacher’ discussing through the use of metaphor how teachers from different backgrounds and contexts might view the profession.

2012 also promises to be a truly exciting year for the BRAZ-TESOL RN community. There are already two events confirmed: a one-day seminar to take place in late May and a teacher development course in July. More details very soon.

Stay tuned!

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5 Responses to Looking back, looking forward

  1. Janaina Weissheimer says:

    I’m very proud of being part of this group! Congrats Fernando and all on the wonderful work done in Natal. Keep making a difference!


  2. erciliamedeiros says:

    Proud and happy to be part of this history. Cheers to the many years yet to come!


  3. edmilson rodrigues da silva says:

    Developing english skill it is my objective.


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