Report | May 2012 ELT Event | Beyond Formulas, Towards Results

Beyond Formulas, Towards Results was the theme of the last event organised by Braz-Tesol Natal chapter.
The event, which  took place at Faculdade Maurício de Nassau on May 26th, attracted teachers from different sectors of ELT, including a group of highly motivated participants from the city of Mossoró, RN.
BRAZ-TESOL RN president Fernando Guarany opened the event with a brief summary of the chapter’s recent and upcoming activities. He highlighted the National Convention to take place in Rio de Janeiro and the Teaching Unplugged course with Luke Meddings which will be held in Natal in July.
Eduardo Santos, from Recife, followed up with a talk on Promoting individual attention within large groups, where he addressed some key issues suggested by the demand-high teaching movement and identified in his own classroom obsrvations.
In the second half of the afternoon participants were divided into two concurrent workshops. Ana Beatriz Guilherme and Terezinha Iris Viana presented The power of body language in the EFL classroom, and Dyego Saraiva and Patricia Guedes presented Assessing free-speaking activities.
The event was closed with a plenary by Steve Barlow in which he gave an overview on the most important approaches of EFL in the last decades, and how they have been echoing in our classroom.
We would like to thank everyone who has generously contributed to the success of the event and especially Professoras Virginia Xavier and Francinete de Oliveira of Faculdade Maurício de Nassau. Many thanks to our supporting publishers Cengage Learning and Macmillan  for sending gifts to be raffled to participants. Special thanks to  Richmond for sending gifts for the raffle and sponsoring two annual BRAZ-TESOL memberships. Finally we thank our partners ProEnglish, Cultura Inglesa and the British Council who have continuously supported our initiative in the State of Rio Grande do Norte (and beyond).
Reported by Patricia Guedes |BRAZ-TESOL RN Helper
More photos on our Facebook page.

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4 Responses to Report | May 2012 ELT Event | Beyond Formulas, Towards Results

  1. Well done, Natal Chapter! It looks as if you are doing a fantastic job! Congratulations!


  2. Janaina Weissheimer says:

    Congrats on the wonderful job done in promoting high-quality workshops for English teachers in Natal, Fernando and co!


    • BRAZTESOL RN says:

      Hi Janaina,

      Many thanks indeed. 😎 We’re glad to hear you, UFRN folks, have just opened registrations for a new ‘Curso de Especialização em Ensino-Aprendizagem de Inglês como Língua Estrangeira.” If you’d like us to promote the programme to our contacts, please send us an email with the folder.

      “Individually, we’re a drop; together, we’re an ocean!”



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