14th BRAZ-TESOL International Conference | Joao Pessoa, Brazil

Not too long ago we wrote to inform that the 14th BRAZ-TESOL International Conference will be held from April 30th to May 3rd, differently from the traditional month of July, due to the 2014 edition of the FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil.
On that occasion, we mentioned that we would soon announce the venue of the event. As you can probably imagine, finding somewhere with suitable facilities to host plenary sessions, concurrent sessions, an exhibition, support structure, easy access for participants (both to the city and to the venue itself), places to eat, etc – all this for free or nearly for free, as BRAZ-TESOL is a not-for-profit association and has very limited funds – is quite a challenge.
Fortunately, we can count on the goodwill of many people from our community, and this way we were able to find a place which offers a possible combination at conditions our association can afford.
So, we are very pleased to announce that the 14th BRAZ-TESOL International Conference will take place at the EscolaInternacionalCidade Viva, in João Pessoa, the capital city of the state of Paraíba, in the Northeast of Brazil.
João Pessoa was founded in 1585, which makes it the third oldest city in Brazil. It is famous for being the greenest capital in Brazil and the second in the world. Among many other qualities, its beaches are considered to be the most pleasant in the country. A curious fact specifically related to our field is that in December 1932, a local station was the pioneer in radio broadcasting, airing English lessons thanks to the brothers Oliver and Geraldo von Sohsten, who had been educated in England.
Our host institution, The EscolaInternacionalCidade Viva, is part of a Christian foundation which leads a number of social actions in different areas of the communities it is part of. Its large and equipped campus is very well located in one of the most charming and accessible areas of JoãoPessoa, and its professionals are very warm and welcoming towards BRAZ-TESOL.
Now that you know when and where our Conference will be, save the date, learn more about the place, and stay tuned for more information on how to take part in what promises to be a wonderful event!
On behalf of the BRAZ-TESOL Executive Board,

Marcelo Barros
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