Fernando Guarany Jr ELT TESOL

From left to right: Dyêgo Saraiva, Beatriz Guilhereme, Edilson Souza, Marcelo de Cristo, Fernando Guarany and Ercília Dâmaris

The BRAZ-TESOL Rio Grande do Norte (BTRN) chapter board members have recently held a meeting  to discuss a strategy to re-ignite the local chapter and lay out an event calendar and action plan.

The meeting started with members discussing the state of English Language Teaching (ELT)  in various contexts, including state schools, private language courses, bi-national centres,  etc. Topics included the PCNs, technology, the emergence of ‘bilingual’ schools/programmes, CLIL, EMI, testing and assessment.

An important point involved valuing local talents. Members stressed that the community should make space for local teachers to present at BTRN events. Additionally, in BTRN members’ view, plenary speakers do not have to necessarily be ‘big’ ELT names because teachers are perfectly capable of helping, supporting, inspiring one another and directing their own development. With that said, we understand that prominent speakers can have the effect of attracting teachers and creating an audience to listen to what the ‘unknown’ have to say. Therefore, we will attempt to operate with both these points in mind.

Members also devoted time to specifically discuss professional development and BRAZ-TESOL’s contribution to the cause. Members agreed that in order to bring about positive change to the ELT community, it is important that the association’s actions be continuous rather than ad hoc.

Regarding the chapter’s board and committee, members agreed to (as much as possible) maintain the original composition until the end of 2016 when members will discuss the matter further. Thus, the current board remains as follows:

Fernando Guarany Jr (IFRN) – President

Ana Beatriz Guilherme (ProEnglish) – 1st Vice-President

Edilson Souza (UFRN) – 2nd Vice-President

Fiona Porpino (Cultura Inglesa) – Secretary

Ercília Dâmaris (UFRN) – Treasurer

Advisory Committee – Dyêgo Saraiva (Colegio das Neves), Marcelo de Cristo

(International School), Patricia Guedes (Marie Jost), Steve Barlow (Cultura Inglesa)

Volunteer: Helen Ingram (Cambridge Assessment)

We are currently planning our relaunch event and will be glad to share more news soon.

Glad to be back!

Fernando Guarany


TOGETHER we are stronger

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