Fanfic frenzy and other millennial genres in English Language Teaching

cooper fernando guarany UFRN BRAZ-TESOL

We are delighted to announce Jennifer Sarah Cooper as a plenary speaker.  Jennifer is a Professor of English at the Department of Foreign Modern Languages and Literatures at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN). She has a PhD in Applied Linguistics from UFRN, a Master’s degree in World and Comparative Literature from San Francisco State University (SFSU) – emphasis, literary translation. She is also a technical and literary translator and is originally from California.

Jennifer says, “Changes in modes of communication in the millennium offer new and thrilling possibilities for English Language Teaching (ELT), and specifically with regard to writing, as multiple media platforms allow readers/users/spectators to engage with traditional narrative genres as producers of new, complimentary genres rather than merely consumers. Such is the phenomenon of fanfics – original narratives written by fans of movies, books, anime/manga, tv series, cartoons, even wrestling. Fanfic writers use the characters and settings of their source to create new scenes and plots in chapters that are published online. Jenkins (2006) refers to this flow of content as convergence culture: ‘[…] the cooperation between multiple media industries, and the migratory behavior of media audiences who will go almost anywhere in search of the kinds of entertainment experiences they want.’ But fanfics are just one product of this convergence culture, twitterature, which reduces the narrativeto a mere 140 characters, is another byproduct of this process. Keeping apace with the dizzying speed at which these new genres emerge, and having the flexibility and creativity to design ways of using them in ELT presents an exciting challenge to teachers of millenials, which will be discussed.”

Such an interesting topic for a plenary talk. Not to be missed!

Fernando Guarany

BRAZ-TESOL Rio Grande do Norte Chapter
Together we are stronger

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