A teacher’s account

Flavio de Ávila is a state sector teacher in Paraiba. He attended our BRAZ-TESOL RN event last may (and also the recent international conference in Brasilia). Flavio emailed us to share a bit of his experience at the Natal event (and he even recorded a video!), which we now gladly share with you:

I really enjoyed taking part in the last BRAZ-TESOL event, because we learned about the IELTS and CELTA  and attended lectures by professor Mariana Perez (about the Efopli Project and extension courses at UFPB). Additionally, Professor Janaina Weissheimer showed us brilliantly how to deal with twenty-first century students and displayed some wonderful slides leading teachers to renewed insights into English Language Teaching

It was a great experience, because the BRAZ-TESOL RN chapter was reactivated and I could witness Fernando Guarany‘s happiness as he gathered so many teachers in that state and encouraged them continuously develop personally and professionally.

Therefore, I strongly advise Rio Grande do Norte teachers to become members of BRAZ-TESOL RN chapter and take part in this professional journey leading teachers to become better and better.

(Flávio de Ávila Lins Teixeira |  Public school Teacher in Paraíba)



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