BRAZ-TESOL RN | 19 November 2016 | Closing Plenary

fernando guarany elt ingles professor english teacher 2000.jpg

HEART, MIND and SOUL: a holistic approach to the development of elt professionals


Several teacher training and CPD (continuous professional development) schemes tend to focus on the so-called SKA (Skills, Knowledge and Attitude) matrix to the guide their activities. Unfortunately, other equally (or more) vital areas in an ELT professional’s life such as emotions, sense of purpose and, ultimately, health are often left unattended. This session is a call to refl(a)ction to all of us in the language teaching world who yearn for more than just bread and butter out of the profession.

 Speaker’s bio

Born and raised in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, I’ve worked in multiple ELT roles for 25 years. I’m the president of BRAZ-TESOL RN ( and a member of the national BRAZ-TESOL advisory council. I strongly believe that every teacher and learner has unspeakable potential and I take pleasure in helping as many as possible fully achieve it. I love cycling, sailing and playing with my super grandson, João Roberto.

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