BTRN Elections 2017-2019 | Candidates

Dear TESOLer,

In our call for candidates posted here, we invited all members in good standing to run for a position on the BRAZ-TESOL Rio Grande do Norte 2017-2019 board. I am now pleased to announce the candidates who have successfully submitted entries by the deadline and to requested standards.

We have received only one entry per position, as published below. Therefore, it is expected that such candidates will be confirmed and officially take office at our next event.

All members (in good standing) present at the event will be asked to confirm the candidates presented below. Should any member (in good standing) have any reason to oppose any of the candidates, please email me at: by 11.59PM of the 18th of May, 2017.

I am confident that, once confirmed, these candidates gather amongst themselves all the qualities required to keep the fire of BTRN burning bright!

Best wishes,

Fernando Guarany

BRAZ-TESOL Rio Grande do Norte Chapter
Together we are stronger

President | Marcelo de Cristo

marceloI have proudly been an English Teacher for 20 years, eight of which at SENAC-RN, and ten between the Culturas Inglesas in Recife and Natal. I have a background in engineering , information technology and pedagogy, and hold both the CELTA and the DELTA. I am currently an Advisor for International School.

Statement of purpose

For the last ten years, my professional life has been dedicated to the development of teachers in our country and beyond. My experience with CELTA training, teacher development work for the British Council and with bilingual education in Brazil has given me invaluable insights into the challenges we face while working in such diverse contexts. As an active member of the ELT community, I have had the honour of attending/presenting in some of the country’s most prestigious ELT events and am proud to be a founding member of BTRN. At a time where political participation is being frowned upon, it is time we rise to face the challenge of bringing people together in the best volunteer spirit to fulfil the objectives of BRAZ-TESOL. I have put my name forward for president of the 2017-19 local board as I believe I can make a contribution to the development of our chapter.

First Vice-President | Thiago dos Santos


Thiago has been involved in the ELT field since 2008. Gratuated in Letras (Portuguese and English) from UnP, in 2010, he took the specialization course in TEFL in 2011 at UFRN and then moved to Canada where he lived for over a year and took a TESOL/TEFL teaching certificate. Back to Brazil, in 2013, he worked for 3 years at Wizard (2013-2016). Currently, he continues to pursue more experiences in his professional career by teaching English at public schools in Ceará-Mirim/RN and Facex. In addition, he is doing the CELTA Course.


I have been involved with BRAZ-TESOL since 2011. At that time, I met Fernando Guarany who was the one by whom I could get to know the association and be part of it. I can say I am keen on taking this leadership position as a BTRN 1st VICE PRESIDENT. Even though it might be challenging, it is the opportunity I have to be more engaged to BTRN, help other professionals grow in their teaching career and provide all my knowledge in order to have teachers much more motivated to give the best to their students, making sure I will be learning at all times. I am able to contribute with more ideas and give all support that is required to BTRN President as well as helping him to get connected with English teachers from all over RN. It is important to state our commitment to the association by bringing people, teachers and students together as means of strengthening the association.    

Dyêgo Saraiva | Second Vice-President


20 years now living out of teaching, Dyego Saraiva has been with BT-RN since day 1, in 2010. Graduated and specialized in English Teaching at UFRN, CAE and CELTA certified, he has been teaching students of all ages and levels. His new adventure is sharing his expertise to public school students in the countryside.
I am running for the position of 2ND VICE PRESIDENT with the intention of helping my team to promote the local chapter by all means possible and, as a consequence, help my fellow partners to promote and develop the teaching and learning of the English language in Rio Grande do Norte.

Secretary | Samara Freitas


Samara Freitas Oliveira has been an EFL teacher for nine years and has worked as a public school teacher on the state level, at private language schools and is currently working at IFRN, Campus Lajes. She holds a master’s degree in Language Studies (UFRN) and a CELTA certificate (2011). She has recently attended a TESOL program at Northern Virginia Community College in the United States.


I’m running for the Secretary position because I am convinced that good work demands organization, objectivity, focus and management. I do believe that I have these qualities to work together as a team, making suggestions, giving opinions, keeping members informed about the BTRN actions and also keeping record of important information for the association. Together, focused and organized we are stronger!

Treasurer | Bruno Lima

BRUNO F. DE LIMAI have been working as an English teacher for nineteen years and, since 2008, I teach English to multiple High School and Undergraduate courses at IFRN. I hold a PhD degree in Language Studies (UFRN) and my main research interests are: Culture, Development of Intercultural Communicative Competence and Telecollaboration.


I am applying for the position of treasurer because I consider myself an organized and flexible person, someone who can assist others in administrative functions as well as participate actively in the organization of events. I believe the experience I had as one of the coordinators of the Technical Courses offered by IFRN – Campus EaD in partnership with Rede e-Tec Brasil can be useful to me now. There, for five years, I was responsible for registering scholarship holders, transiting and filing documents and for scheduling payments. I am open to learning as much as possible from the interaction with my BRAZ-TESOL RN colleagues in the next two years.


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