Blended learning as an effective way for teaching the centennial students | BRAZ-TESOL RN

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Abstract: The centennial students were born in the digital world. They are creative, multi-tasking and globally connected. To teach them effectively we should be aware of their different learning styles  and how to use some digital tools that will  increase their engagement in the learning process. With regards to Centennial Education it is said that it “is less about the transfer of knowledge from teacher to student and more about helping students make sense of the overabundance of information available to them.” (Seemiller & Grace, 2015). Here is where blended learning comes to enrich the teacher’s practice. Blended learning isn’t, however, defined only by using digital activities, it is also by working on interaction, personalized activities and individualized attention to reach  the centennial students effectively, bringing them a sense of achievement and ownership.

Speakers’ bios: Susie Soares holds a master’s degree in Education from UFRN. Her interests include student’s different ways of learning and bilingualism in early education. Works as a teacher and a manager at Cultura Inglesa in Parnamirim –  RN.

Hope to see you all there!

WHEN? 20 May
WHERE? FACEX Unidade I (
FEE? Members Free || Early bird R$ 30,00 || After 10/05 R$ 40,00


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