Learning English through videos and series: A. J. Hoge method | BRAZ-TESOL RN

Cristiane Cruz

Abstract: Learning with videos is a fun way to learn English. I have many examples in my teaching experience of people who has learned and are fluent only by watching videos, especially series, sitcoms, etc. Today we have videos on demand sites as Netflix, for instance, that is the new fashion among young people, especially teenagers. Our students watch almost every day series as Game of Thrones, How I met your mother, Supernatural and so on. We have to take the opportunity to teach the language using “Real English” – not only the written English in the students’ books. We have to use new technology also and things students enjoy. I believe that series is a good way to get students motivated into learning English. There are many ways to use videos to improve our learning and even make learning faster. A.J. Hoge method that is found in http://www.effortlessenglish.com promises to make learning faster with the acquisition of vocabulary, accurate pronunciation and the learning of “chunks” to make learning more significant and easier for the students using videos (films and series). Using this method, the students would learn the language without the need of studying grammar deductively. The students will master the structures inductively by paying attention to the structure of the sentences and by repetition and even acting out like the characters of the series/films students watch at home. The objective of this speech is to show some examples of how to use this technique in the classroom.  

Speaker’s bio: Cristiane de Brito Cruz graduated in Languages (English) at UFRN in 2002 and also has a Specialization Course in Teaching and Learning English as a Foreign Language by UFRN (2011). She works as an EFL teacher at IFRN Institute. She has 15 years of experience teaching English in the RN state school system and in the city of Parnamirim . She also worked as a teacher in English courses such as CNA, Senac (Prodetur), Manhattan Idiomas, CVV, etc.

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