LEGO for bilingual education: let’s play? | BRAZ-TESOL RN

Delanne Paulino

Abstract: We’ll start the workshop by showing the participants some of the theories behind the use of LEGO Education in a Bilingual Education context, as well as some of its benefits as a learning tool. Research has shown “[…] not only the great importance of play as a sociological tool but as barrier breaker to stimulate cognitive capacities that may only be explored through imaginative communication.” (Vygotsky) We will take the participants into a journey through all the phases of a lego class. At each one of these 4C’s learning processes (connect, construct, contemplate and continue) participants will be asked to accomplish a task and reflect upon its completion, to understand each one of those lesson steps and aims. Then, we’ll show some real class projects students have done at Salesiano Dom Bosco’s Bilingual Program and some of the results they’ve achieved. In the last part of the workshop we’ll be presenting some of the difficulties we’ve been facing in class and how we have been overcoming them. Finally, in groups, participants will put their hands on the planning sheet and think about a brief lesson plan for a topic they’ll receive. They’ll share them with the whole group at the end of the workshop.

Speakers’ bio: Delanne Paulino da Silva holds a degree in Pedagogy and has been teaching English for 7 years. She’s got a specialization in teaching/learning English as a foreign language, a CELTA and a ESL/TESOL certificate.  She’s been working as bilingual program coordinator for 6 years, previously at Yázigi and currently at Salesiano Dom Bosco. She is also enrolled  in a Language graduation program and has presented papers in other English teaching seminars such as YETS and YILTS.

Jose Milton de Carvalho Neto holds a college degree in Social Science (Anthropology, Sociology and Politics). He’s been teaching English for 7 years and has worked for the language schools Atual idiomas and Wizard. He’s currently teaching kids and teens at Yázigi Natal and at Salesiano Dom Bosco’s bilingual program.

Hope to see you all there!

WHEN? 19 August
FEE? Members Free || Early bird R$ 30,00 || After 05/08 R$ 40,00


BRAZ-TESOL Rio Grande do Norte Chapter
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