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Thank you, Sponsors!

Dear Sponsors and Collaborators, The Braz-Tesol RN Chapter wishes to genuinely thank you in advance for supporting tomorrow’s One-day Seminar “New Challenges and New Perspectives on ELT: The Road Less Travelled”. Thanks to your sponsorship, support and collaboration, we are … Continue reading

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QUAQ Theatre Sketches | BRAZ-TESOL RN

In many ways, the process of learning a second language and drama techniques share similar principles. The mere act of speaking a foreign language is in itself a “theatrical” choice (“Let´s suspend disbelief for a moment and pretend that this … Continue reading

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The benefits of storytelling in English teaching for young learners | BRAZ-TESOL RN

Abstract: Storytelling is the oldest form of teaching, and it is found in most cultures around the world as a way of transmitting cultural beliefs, experiences and traditions throughout generations. Instinctively, children love listening to stories, which is a magical … Continue reading

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Experiencing educational and cultural exchange in the United States: impressions and curiosities | BRAZ-TESOL RN

Abstract: In this session I will describe the experience of taking part in a nine-week educational and cultural exchange program (financed by SETEC/CAPES) in the United States of America this year. I will report on the TESOL program I attended at … Continue reading

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Blended learning as an effective way for teaching the centennial students | BRAZ-TESOL RN

Abstract: The centennial students were born in the digital world. They are creative, multi-tasking and globally connected. To teach them effectively we should be aware of their different learning styles  and how to use some digital tools that will  increase … Continue reading

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Bilingual Education and other perspectives | BRAZ-TESOL RN

Abstract: Facex school  has been working with Dual Language methodology for four years. During these periods, many changes were made in order to connect bilingual ideas in a second language perspective. Our daily activities are based on studies from Ofélia … Continue reading

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InterNAtionalizing Educational Practices | BRAZ-TESOL RN

Abstract: The 21st Century teacher needs to be prepared to embrace interdisciplinarity, the diversity and the perspectives that rise in and outside the classroom. The 3rd Industrial Revolution in the late 90s and early 2000 has fostered a continuous process of … Continue reading

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BTRN One-day Event | 20 May – Join us!!!

English Language Teaching has made a huge impact in so many teachers’ lives that the more they dare themselves into the art of teaching and becoming the best professionals they can, the more challenges they find. Teaching in public institutions, … Continue reading

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BTRN Elections 2017-2019 | Candidates

Dear TESOLer, In our call for candidates posted here, we invited all members in good standing to run for a position on the BRAZ-TESOL Rio Grande do Norte 2017-2019 board. I am now pleased to announce the candidates who have successfully submitted entries … Continue reading

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Non-members: early bird R$ 30,00 After 10/05: R$ 40,00. 👉🏽

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