Running a Teachers’ Associations on a voluntary basis is a labour of love and members very often end up investing their own financial resources to keep it running. No members whatsoever receive any kind of wage or salary. 

Refreshments cost money. Transport is costly. Graphic design and site maintenance is expensive. Some venues and speakers require a fee. We could go on and on.

Therefore, to survive (and thrive) we count on the support of a number of individuals and instititutions (publishers, international organisations, languaghe who believe in the work we do and regularly donate to the cause. If you would like to chip in and strengthen BTRN. Please contact us by email or Facebook and we’ll provide you with further information.

We are pleased to publicise the names of organisations who have unstoppingly supported us from the very beginning:


CULTURA INGLESA RN – www.culturainglesarn.com.br (84) 3608.3465 | 3234.7784



PROENGLISH – www.proenglish.com.br/– (84) 3211.4260 | 3221.4026


Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte